Suspect reportedly admits to killing Peter Abrahams

Following a murder charge being laid against a 61-year-old suspect for the death of noted journalist and public affairs commentator, Peter Abrahams, details are emerging about the circumstances behind the killing.

Norman Tomlinson, 61, otherwise called Burchell Tomlinson, has been charged with the January 18 murder of Abrahams, who was 97 years old.

Tomlinson is the husband of Abrahams' household helper, and was a regular visitor to the retired journalist' home.

Tomlinson, who was charged on Monday, has reportedly confessed to the murder and has actually been co-operating with the police in respect of the investigation into the matter.

Indications are that the now accused man reportedly told investigators that on the date in question, he went to Abrahams' Red Hills, St Andrew home to ask for money.

Abrahams reportedly denied the request of Tomlinson, and was attacked in response.

The wheelchair-bound Abrahams was reportedly violently thrown about from his seating, and his head was repeatedly struck on the floor. 

The autopsy report revealed that Abrahams died from multiple injuries sustained to the back of the head.      

Indications are that Tomlinson's wife is not a suspect in the matter, and she has been co-operating with the investigators.

 Her husband is to appear in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court on Friday.